Jalen Hurts: Bringing in a self-driven player like DeVonta Smith helps

The Eagles reunited a pair of college teammates when they traded up to select receiver Devonta Smith at No. 10 overall.

Smith hasn’t played with Philadelphia quarterback Jalen Hurts since 2018, as Hurts transferred to Oklahoma for his final collegiate season. But Smith and Hurts go all the way back to when Smith was visiting Alabama on a recruiting trip.

Addressing the media in a Wednesday press conference, Hurts said he and Smith talked about the possibility of reuniting before it happened. And Hurts thinks Smith’s work ethic will translate to the pros.

“I think about DeVonta and I always tell people the first thing about him, one, the competitor he is. Kind of a stoic guy, kind of like myself in a few ways,” Hurts said. “But he’s self-driven and bringing someone in like that, it helps. I think it helps.

“I look at the late nights that we had in college where there was nothing else to do, we’d go out there and go throw. Or when I hosted him on a recruiting visit to come to Alabama, usually you want to go maybe go on the strip [in Tuscaloosa] … or find something to get into or party or something like that. His head wasn’t on that. He was trying to work when we were in the indoor. Late at night, getting work in. So I think that shows the mentality he has and I think he’s bringing all that with him here.”

If the built-in chemistry between Hurts and Smith translates to the game’s highest level, it will be a big boost to Hurts’ case to be Philadelphia’s franchise QB.